United Reform Party Canada

Terrorism & Returning Terrorists

Canadian citizens deserve better.

The current government has welcomed back to this country people that have taken up arms to fight alongside our enemies and attack our friends and allies. They have in some cases even awarded them with monetary settlements on their return to Canada.

The current government refuses to even admit that terrorism is a problem and that the organizations that breed and promote this hatred are even a danger to our country and to Canadian society as a whole.

The United Reform Party Canada believes that terrorism is a leading cause of concern for the safety and security of all Canadians at home and abroad and believes that drastic measures are necessary to protect its citizens.

The Taliban, Daesh, Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, Al-Qaida, Hamas, Abu Sayyaf, are just a short list of organizations that promote and conduct acts of terror around the globe. In fact, there are over 200 of these organizations worldwide that pose a possible threat to our citizens.

These same organizations somehow manage to recruit some of our citizens and our children and lure them away to get them to join their fight. In some cases, they convince them or program them to commit attacks of terror on our own soil.

Their ability to accomplish this represents a major failure by the current government to protect its citizens. The time to act is before these people get radicalized and leave the country. Not after they have fought and killed people.

Under a United Reform Party Canada government a full review and security assessment would be done to analyze the risks associated with each of these organizations. Those that are considered high risk would be formally classified as enemies of the state and treated as such.

Once this has been enacted anyone leaving the country to take up arms with anyone of these declared enemies is committing an act of Treason and will be dealt with accordingly.

Programs need to be enacted to help prevent the radicalization of our youth and to de-radicalize them before they leave the country. Once they leave the country it must be recognized that this is a one-way trip.

Programs and policy must also be enacted that will protect Canadian citizens when they travel and ensure that they do not accidentally wind up in places that are not safe due to terrorist influence.

The United Reform Party Canada is committed to protecting its citizens at home or abroad.