United Reform Party Canada

URPC Constitution

The name of the Party shall be “United Reform Party Canada”.

The Party shall also be recognized by its abbreviated name “URPC:

The name of the Party financial corporation shall be “United Reform Party Fund Canada”. It so shall will be abbreviated and recognized as the “URPFC”

The purpose of Party is to provide a democratic process for constituents of Canada to participate in development of government policies abiding by the following principals.

a) Loyalty to Canada and its citizens as well as adherence to the Rule of Law;

b) That all citizens are equal before the law and entitled to fundamental justice;

c) That every person has the right to life, and the protection of life;

d) That justice can not exist without truth in law;

e) The value of the family as defined by nature and the rights of the parents to protect their children;

f) The freedom of belief and peaceful assembly’

g) The to freedom of speech and expression which is not slander nor libel;

h) The freedom to advocate, without fear of intimidation or suppression

i) The right of every person to enjoy the fruits of his or her own labour’

j) The right to privacy and to the freedom from government interference in personal matters, and;

k) The right of every person to own, enjoy and exchange real private and personal property in a free market.

The Party has authority and responsibility to establish a Candidate for the purpose of election to Federal Parliament, Provincial Parliament or as Candidates for Municipal Council, within every electoral district, and every municipality across Canada.

The Party shall adhere to the “Guiding Principals” of the Party. Referring to these “Guiding Principals often to ensure that the Party stays true to its core beliefs and values.

United Reform Party Canada shall be founded on and guided by the following ideals and opinions of the executive.

The United Reform Party came to be because of the distrust of political parties throughout the history of Canada. Especially those of the past 50 years across Canada. We worked hard to meet the needs of all Canadians in the scribing of this Constitution and believe our Constitution is the back bone of our Party and as such hereby decree;

The purpose of building this Party is to bring together all Canadians on a platform that unites together the differences and the shared common values of all citizens.. Building upon the sacred western cultural values of strength, independence, freedom, democracy and success.

The United Reform Party of Canada acknowledges that Canada is one nation under god that is unique, diverse, ethnically empowered and strong. Its culture, its common law and its values must be held above all others to ensure that we continue to strive as a nation for eternity.

Canada’s strength lies in the multitude of cultures and ethnic members of Canada. The abundance of different attributes of immigration to our country are what make Canada strong.

We believe that Canada is the Greatest Country on earth and that the citizens of this great Country must be united as a People, to ensure the success of Canada.

The United Reform Party Canada will join members and Canadians together as a unified body that embraces the cultural, regional and social economics of all of Canada and its citizens.

The United Reform Party Canada shall be founded on the belief that every man woman and child in Canada has the right to Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Policy of the United Reform Party Canada shall adhere to strict guidelines set out within this Constitution. To ensure that the fundamental ideals of the Party are not lost.

Government, at whatever level, is to work for the PEOPLE. To serve and protect the PEOPLE, with whom they govern, with honesty , integrity and accountability.

Representation of the People, above all others, first and foremost.

United Reform Canada will represent the People . There will be no whipped voting.

The creation of Law in Canada will be honest and truthful No longer will Canadians be mislead with fraud and untruths in legislation.

There must be due diligence and fiscal responsibility from all levels of government when entertaining the spending of tax payers funds.

Social policy that meets the needs of the current society. Meeting the needs of now and the future.

Canadians are all equal , and that all laws, rules and regulations shall ensure that every single Canadian enjoys and has the same equality of protection and service.

The United Reform Party of Canada will mandates that ALL members perform their duties with complete accountability, honesty, integrity and loyalty towards its members as well as every citizen of Canada.

The United Reform Party Canada acknowledges that government is to work alongside the electorate for the betterment of the Nation and the People as a whole.

All levels of governance in Canada, from municipal to provincial and to federal will work together to ensure prosperity of Canada, its towns, cities, villages and most importantly it People.

Canada is a sovereign nation , which serves itself and its people above all others.

Canada will be united in its sovereignty and loyal to its People.

We believe in Parliamentary Institutions for democratic process. For the formation, discussion and implementations for the rule of Law. Law that shall be referred to as Common Law, equally applied to each and every citizen fairly and equally across our nation.

Government priority is to protect our borders, protect our industries, protect of natural resources, protect our businesses, provide the best health care , provide the highest level of education to everyone so wishing it and ensure safe food and shelter for all Canadians.

The prosperity of all Canadians must include the ability of an individuals success in fair markets, open markets, and competitive markets that are not hindered by foreign interference or unnecessary trade .

Taxation is to serve the People not the politicians . Tax dollars are to be reserved for the social needs of the People,

Canada is a bilingual nation of English and French speaking People. Government will administer governance in both of these official languages.

Human life holds the highest degree of value.

Every Canadian citizen has the right to reap the benefits and successes of his/her own labours.

Every citizen of Canada has a right to own his/her own property without harassment , interference or illegal search and seizure.

A belief that individual rights and responsibility do not out way or infringe upon the rights of other parties who are Canadian Citizens.

United Reform Party Canada believes in individual freedoms which include and are not limited to . Freedom of speech and expression, freedom of assembly and association, freedom of religion and worship, as well as freedom of movement to any point within the great borders of Canada.

United Reform Canada feels that Individuals have the responsibility to provide for themselves and their families. Also, that the government should show compassion and have a response to the basic needs of the individuals who are unable to provide for themselves.

That all Canadians shall be equal before the law.

Our borders must be protected to the best of our ability, Our military must be funded to the highest of levels.

Our trade agreements must meet the needs of Canada and its citizens.

We must honour those who have served to protect our Canada, in the past and into the future. Honouring requires ensuring that those who serve, Military, Police, Fire, other service, receive what they are due. We will never tell them they are asking for more than we can give.

We will be diligent in protection of our environment. Without fraudulent or misleading taxation.

Our environmental regulations will be the best in the world.

We will ensure that our resources are protected and managed in such a manner as to provide for future Canadian citizens.

Canada does not end at the edges of our land borders but extends into the depths of the waters surrounding Canada. To the edge of International waters, Territorials seas, Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and the Canadian Shelf.

The United Reform Party Canada will not ever join in a coalition government with any other party for the sole purpose of being elected as a majority government.

The United Reform Party Canada will not ever dissolve and become one with any other political party.

To form and maintain government across Canada in all three levels of government by uniting Canadians on a foundation of , independence, freedom, democracy. family values, common sense politics, self-reliance, and economic development.

The Executive Officers of the Party, shall be a Leader, Deputy Leader, President, Vice President, Secretary, CFO Chief Financial Agent, and other Directors as is deemed necessary for the operations of the Party. These Members are the founding members of the Party and shall hold their positions until such time as they resign or pass.

The President or his designate shall preside at all Executive and General Meetings of the Association.

The Vice-President shall act as assistant to the President and shall perform the duties of the President in the event that the President is, for any reason, unable to perform the duties of the office.

The Secretary shall be to take minutes at all Executive and General Meetings, maintain all official records of the Association, and look after correspondence as requested by the Executive.

The Chief Financial Officer shall receive, expend, and account for the funds of the Association as directed by the Executive and shall be responsible for all obligations imposed on the Party by the Commissions on Election Finances.

The President and or the Chief Financial Officer will be responsible for providing all documentation and responses to the Auditor for the Financial Returns to Elections Ontario.

Nominations for Officers must be made to the current Executive at least two months before the AGM.

1. The Executive shall consist of the Executive Officers.

2. The Executive shall authorize, by By Law, the formation of committees as needed for dealings with Party business and activities.

Anyone, 14 years of age or older, who is a citizen of Canada, has signed an agreement to abide by the guiding principals of the Party, and has paid their required membership dues, shall be a member of the Party Every member of of the Party shall have membership inclusive with the electoral district association where they reside.. ( A parents or guardians signature is also required for those under 18 years of age.)

Only Members may hold elected or appointed positions within the Party, be a Candidate, or hold voting status at Party meetings, Committee meetings, General meetings, Annual General Meetings, National Conventions , or any other meeting so required by the Party.

Party Membership shall terminate when:

a) The Member submits a written resignation;

b) The Member has not paid renewal fees by January 30th of the year

c)The Member has violated, or publicly advocated actions which violate, the principals of the Party.

d) The Member has publicly intentionally, misrepresented the platform or goals of the Party.

Voting privilege shall commence after 28 days from the date of membership application. Unpaid membership renewal forfeit voting privileges.

1. The governance of the Party shall adhere to the following objectives:

2. Full representation of the views and interests of the membership.

3. Regular communication with local EDAs from the Executive and Committees.

4. Full disclosure of the United Reform Party Fund fundraising and financing.

5. The Party shall maintain a active account for policy development that will be accessible by all members for policy review and development.

6. Member of the Executive, Committees , EDA Executive, shall remain neutral for all nomination elections contests and leadership contests.

Recognition and renewal as a Leaders Forum, Youth Forum or any other affiliated organization, and the rights, rules and obligations of any such affiliated organization(s) or their membership must be determined by the Executive as provided by By Law

The Party shall recognize an affiliated Provincial or Territorial Party in every Province or Territory in Canada.

The AGM will be held within 12 months (365) days from the initial

registration date, provided by Elections Canada, of the Party or at a time as

close to this date as convenient.

Association Members will be notified by regular mail, email, fax or other media 8 weeks in advance of the schedule date of the Annual General Meeting. Notification shall provide the date, time and location of the AGM.

Current Members of the Party shall have full voting privileges at all Annual General Meetings.

1. Executive Meetings:

a) The Executive shall hold Executive Meetings as required to effectively and efficiently carry out the business of the Party.

b) The Executive shall hold Executive Meetings at a minimum of once every month.

c)A quorum for Executive Meetings will be at least five (5) Executive Members.

2. General Meetings:

a) The Executive shall hold General Meetings as required to effectively and efficiently carry out the business of the Party, develop policy, and maintain accountability to the General Membership.

b) General Meetings shall be open to all Members.

c) Notification of the time and place of General Meetings shall be sent to the Membership at least four (4) weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

3. Annual General Meeting: See Article 10

4. Nomination Meeting:

a) The Executive shall hold a Nomination Meeting when required.

b) Nomination Meetings shall be open to all current Members.

c) Notification of the time and place of Nomination meetings shall be sent to the Membership at least four (4) weeks prior to the date of the meeting.

Facilitating the promotion and maintenance of an ongoing policy collection and formation process of the Party.

Ensure that the policy process is accessible and accountable to the membership at all times.

Facilitate policy discussion and supporting policy discussion within the Party as well as identify areas of policy that need more study .

Provide the means of communication between the membership and party policy and its development.

Receive input from the general membership on a secure secondary venue to ensure that the members of the Party are able to participate freely and democratically with the Committee. All general membership input shall be collected the Policy Committee for consideration in the Policy Declaration.

Provide a Policy Declaration after each convention in both official languages of Canada.

Between National Convention, interim policies of the Party may be implemented by the Leader and Executive.

Final input for the Policy Declaration shall be provided to the Committee no later than 60 days before the National Convention. To all the Committee time to prepare the Policy Declaration.

When Acting within the scope of their authority , position, capacity within a committee, no member, director, of the Party shall be liable for any debts, actions, claims, demands, liabilities, or commitments of any kind of the Party. The Party and United Reform Fund Canada shall indemnify and hold harmless each such person against any debt , action , claim demand , liability or commitment whatsoever.

Leader – means the leader of the party.

Deputy Leader – means the deputy leader of the Party.

President – means the president of the executive of the Party.

Executive – means the executive membership of the Party.

Vice President – means the vice president of the executive of the Party.

Constitution – means the Constitution of the United Reform Party Canada

Party – means the United Reform Party Canada Abbreviation URPC.

United Reform Party Fund Canada – the financial corporation of the Party. Abbreviated URPCF

Members – means a person in good standing with their membership fees .

Membership – means the accumulated members of the the Party.

Affiliated organization – means an organization recognized by the executive. Referring to provincial or territorial parties as well as municipal members.

Provincial Party – means the provincially recognized and approved affiliate party that will represent any specific province or territory within Canada.

Motion – The act of bring forth an application to the Executive, National Council , or Committee to amend and contribute to the rules regulations, procedures and bylaws .

By laws – means a by law introduced, accepted and adopted by the Executive ,

Article – means the written text, categories (chapters) of the Constitution, Or the

text of By Laws as they are enacted by the Executive of Committees.

URPC FUND Canada – means the fundraising arm and chief financial agent for the

This United Reform Party Canada Constitution was read and accepted by the founding Members of the Executive during the Founding Meeting of the United Reform Party Canada.

PRESIDENT _________________________ Date: _______________

CFO _______________________________ Date: _______________

VISE PRESIDENT _____________________ Date: _______________

SECRETARY _________________________ Date: _______________

"The United Reform Party Canada isParty!"