The United Reform Party Canada was formed because of the mismanagement of this country by past governments, especially those of the past 50 years.

We have witnessed as past governments have repeatedly:

  • Raised taxes,
  • Cut back on health care programs,
  • Cut back social programs,
  • Raise the costs of energy,
  • Infringe on our democratic rights,
  • Open Canada’s borders,
  • Shift the management of Canadian assets or governmental responsibilities to foreign agencies that do not have Canada’s best interests in mind,
  • And Wasted tax payer money.

It became obvious that a viable political alternative needed to be created that would bring common sense back to government, protect our democratic rights and freedoms, balance our budgets, reduce and eliminate our debts and protect our natural resources.

The time has come where our government needs to be held accountable for their spending. It has to be reminded that is must place the needs of its citizens ahead of the needs of foreign governments, special interest groups and the international community.

The intent of this party is to build upon and hold sacred the western cultural values of strength, independence, freedom, democracy and success.

With this in mind, a group of citizens got together in November 2018 and began the process of officially forming The United Reform Party Canada.


To unify the country and ensure that every citizen has the same rights and the same access to all government programs no matter where they may live in this great country.

To build up, provide for and assist every Canadian citizen to become more sufficient and financially successful.

To balance the budgets at all 3 levels of government and eliminate the out of control spending that has crippled this country with debt.

To begin the process of actually reducing our debt at all three levels of government and prevent further debt from being accumulated ever again.

To create a national policy on universal health care to be available to every Canadian citizen from coast to coast and insure they have the best care possible!

To create a national policy on education that will ensure every Canadian citizen gets the best education possible to ensure that every citizen be given every advantage as they prepare for and develop their career.

To create a national energy policy that will form an energy corridor that will ensure every Canadian citizen has access to the most environmentally responsible, sustainable, and least expensive energy available world wide.

To create a national transportation policy that will form a public transportation system that will move goods, mail, and people across this country as efficiently as possible for the least cost.

To reduce taxes, restructure government, eliminate wait times, and create a government that works for and on behalf of its citizens.

To institute electoral reforms that will ensure that the democratic freedom of every Canadian citizen is protected and that the elected government may be held accountable by its citizens for their actions while in office.

To bring common sense and good government back to Canadian politics, and ensure that a sovereign Canada, is and remains strong, united, free and prosperous.


The United Reform Party Canada is a national, provincial, and municipal Party that brings all levels of government together placing the needs of Canadians first.

Canada will have the best education system available world wide. Students graduating at all levels of education will no longer graduate with a massive debt load. Every student will be fluent in both French and English and every immigrant to this country will be fluent in at least one of our national languages before they are granted citizenship

The Canadian boarder will be open to immigrants that truly want to become part of our Canadian culture and are willing to adopt our way of life and contribute to our society. Our boarders will be closed to the import of illegal drugs, weapons, and to those people that would wish to do us harm or change our way of life. New Immigrants to Canada will not be subsidized by tax payer dollars.

Individuals and companies that are willing and able to contribute to this country and will be encouraged to come and do business in Canada but they will not be able to buy up all our lands, industry and natural resources and take them away from our citizens.

Every Canadian will have the unrestricted rights to own property and that includes the right to legally own fire arms. Yet only those that should own fire arms will legally be able to obtain them.

Canada will once again be a leader in research and development and will support business both large and small in a free and fair market. It will nurture small businesses and foster growth. It will enact and encourage export programs that will help bring Canadian made products and technology to world markets.

The foundation for good business and economic growth is free enterprise and Canada will lead the way in moving product, people, and resources from coast to coast. Every citizen will have access to inexpensive, sustainable energy to power their businesses, homes, automobiles, etc.

The royalties generated from the sale of our excess energy and natural resources will be used to subsidise our public service and social programs to ensure that our taxes remain low and that our economy remains strong.

Every Canadian citizen will be looked after and protected no matter were they may be. Those that are not able to look after themselves will be cared for and poverty and homelessness will become an issue of the past.

By keeping Canada strong we are able to help others in a fiscally responsible way that will help Canada grow and remain a strong, independent, and free nation. Canada is and always will be a responsible leader in the international community, but it will not do so at the expense or detriment of its own citizens.

"The United Reform Party Canada isParty!"