United Reform Party Canada

National Transportation Policy

Canada is geographically one of the largest countries on this planet. It is considered a first world country and yet there are places in Canada that do not have access to even the most basic services.

Their residents need to travel long distances just to get to a grocery store or a doctor’s office. Many do not even have access to the transportation they need to get there.

The current government has failed miserably in this area. Transportation is not just about moving people. It is about moving products, energy, and data across our country from coast to coast. This must be done in a way that is environmentally responsible and inexpensive.

It is not acceptable that a foreign company should be able to move mail from one place in this country to another cheaper than our own Canada post. It is impermissible that a foreign airline, bus company, or freight company should be able to move people, or packages across this country for less money than our own airlines or transportation service providers.

The United Reform Party Canada is committed to implementing a national transportation policy that will insure all citizens have access to a public transportation system that will move, people, product, energy, and data across the country in the most economical way possible. It may not be the fastest way possible but it will for sure be the most affordable.