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For a sustainable and prosperous Canada tomorrow!

Learn more about us, and how we are making our beautiful nation better for ALL Canadians.


Follow us. Come together to celebrate our delightfully diverse nation. Let your voice be heard, as we strive to make Canada a better place for every family and child.

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PHONE: +1-289-459-0772
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1-(877) 749 – URPC {8772}


Follow us--A Unified Canada--while we work to eliminate poverty, homelessness, hunger, and hopelessness within each of our neighborhoods!

"Our story"

Our story is YOUR STORY.

It’s the story of a late-shift factory worker providing for his family. It’s the story of a single mother working as a waitress while going to school. It’s the story of an immigrant couple rejoicing the birth of their beautiful baby girl.

URPC is the people’s party, and operates on the unique principle that Canadians and their families always come before politics. Supporting the URPC means you support transparency, accountability, and EVERY Canadian’s right to access first-class education, premium health-care, and true financial security.

Join us today as we help rewrite the story of every Canadian from coast to coast.  

Where do you want your story to take YOU in 2019?