United Reform Party Canada

Guiding Principles

The United Reform Party Canada (URPC) acknowledges that Canada is one nation under god. It is unique, diverse, ethnically charged, powerful and together greater then the sum of all its parts. Its strength comes from the multitude of cultures and the ethnic diversity of its citizens and this must be embraced and protected at all times.

The URPC shall be founded on the belief that every man woman and child in Canada has the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The URPC will not sacrifice its values. It will never join in a coalition government with any other party for the sole purpose of being elected, and will never dissolve or merge with any another political party. The United Reform Party Canada shall have its Constitution (the back bone of our Party) and all policy be founded on and guided by the following principles:


  • A belief that the Government, at all levels, must work for its citizens. To serve, protect, unite, and represent its citizens, with whom they govern in an ethical manner, with honesty, integrity, accountability, and concern for the best interest of all
  • A belief that every member of government must vote and act according to the wishes of the majority of the citizens that they represent and as their conscience dictates. There will be no whipped voting.
  • A belief that freedom and democracy are the foundation of good government and that all Canadians are equal, and all laws, rules and regulations shall ensure that every single Canadian enjoys and has the same equality of protection and service.
  • A belief that a good government must be fiscally responsible and should only spend money that it earns. It should not borrow money and create obligations that future generations must repay.
  • A belief that municipal and provincial governments should not be able to borrow money under any circumstances and that only the federal government should be able to borrow money and only under extreme circumstances such as international conflict (war) and natural disasters.
  • A belief that government should only actively participate in funding or managing services that are essential in nature and that cannot be discharged reasonably by individuals, businesses or other organizations or institutions.
  • A belief that all members of the party must perform their duties with complete accountability, honesty, integrity and loyalty towards its members as well as every citizen of Canada.
  • A belief that all levels of government in Canada, (municipal, provincial and federal) must work alongside their electorate for the betterment of the Nation to ensure the prosperity of its towns, cities, villages and most importantly it’s People.
  • A belief that Canada is a sovereign nation, united in purpose, that serves itself and its people above all others.
  • A belief that our parliamentary institutions for democratic process are in place for the formation, discussion and implementations of law. A Law that shall be referred to as Common Law, equally applied to each and every citizen fairly and equally across our nation.
  • A belief that Human life holds the highest degree of value.
  • A belief that the prosperity of all Canadians is based on the ability of an individual’s success in fair, open, and competitive markets that are not hindered by foreign interference or unnecessary trade restrictions.
  • A belief that every Canadian citizen has the right to reap the benefits and successes of his or her own labours.
  • A belief that every citizen of Canada has a right to own his or her own property without harassment, interference or illegal search and seizure.
  • A belief that every Canadian has the freedom and the right to pursue their enlightened and legitimate self-interest in a free and competitive economy.
  • A belief that individual rights and responsibility do not out way or infringe upon the rights of other Canadian Citizens.
  • A belief in proper democratic freedom of the individual that include and are not limited to: Freedom of speech and expression, freedom of assembly and association, freedom of religion and worship, as well as freedom to move to any point within the great borders of this country.
  • A belief that all Canadians should have full access to quality health care regardless of where they live in this country or their ability to pay
  • A belief that all Canadians should have full access to quality education regardless of where they live in this country or their ability to pay
  • A belief that all Canadians should have equal access to low cost energy regardless of where they live in this country.
  • A belief that all Canadians should have equal access to low cost public transportation regardless of where they live in this country.
  • A belief that affordable housing, food and water should accessible to every Canadian regardless of where they live in this country.
  • A belief that Canada has a responsibility to the global community but this responsibility does not remove or take precedent over the needs of its own citizens.
  • A belief that all trade agreements between Canada and any other foreign country must be free, fair, and meet the need of all our citizens without preference.
  • A belief that taxation is to serve the People not politicians. Tax dollars are to be reserved for the social needs of its people.
  • A belief that Canada is a bilingual nation of English and French speaking citizens and that both these languages have equal status, and equal rights as to their use in the administration and governance of this country.
  • A belief that social policy must meet the needs of its citizens both now and into the future.
  • A belief that every Individual has the responsibility to provide for themselves, their families, their children, and their dependents, while recognizing that the government must show compassion and respond to the basic needs of individuals who are unable to provide for themselves.
  • A belief that those who serve or have served to protect our Canada, in the past and into the future must be properly honoured, respected, and compensated.
  • A belief that a safe and secure country must have a properly funded, military, and national security service that protect all citizens and defend our borders.
  • A belief that a safe and orderly society must have properly funded law enforcement and emergency services to protect its citizens from harm and serve them in time of need.
  • A belief that our country and our borders must be protected to the best of our ability, and that Canada must maintain a strong, well equipped military, honouring those who serve while protecting our heritage and our traditions.
  • A belief that a healthy and sustainable environment is essential to the wellbeing and prosperity of all Canadians and that our environment must be protected, cared for, and cleaned up, in a responsible manner without fraudulent or misleading taxation.
  • A belief that our natural resources must be protected and managed in such a manner as to provide all Canadian citizens now and into the future.
  • A belief that Canada does not end at the edges of our land borders but extends into the depths of the waters surrounding Canada.  To the edge of International waters, Territorial’s seas, Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and the Canadian Shelf.

"The United Reform Party Canada isParty!"