United Reform Party Canada

National Health Care

Canadian citizens deserve the best health care that is available regardless of what province they live in.

There are places in rural Canada that do not have proper medical services and residents need to travel large distances to get the care they require.

Recent governments have made cuts to multiple health care programs including those that are preventative just because they want short term savings. These governments placed other priorities ahead of the needs of Canadians all over the country and this must be stopped and corrected.

The United Reform Party Canada will create a health care system that is uniform and will provide the basic care required across Canada. It will ensure that medical services are available or in the very least accessible to all communities across the country.

These health care services will include basic access to chiropractic, dental mental health, homeopathic, and preventative treatments like massage, and other such recognized treatments.  This national program will also include full access to prescription medication and homeopathic remedies where available.

Basic health care will be provided on a National level so that every Canadian citizen is entitled to the same quality of care no matter what province they live in. Provinces may offer extended health care benefits as a way of enticing people to come live in the province if they so choose.

The creation and administration of this program on a national basis would need to be done with full input from our medical practitioners and specialists.