United Reform Party Canada

National Education Policy

One of the fundamental ingredients necessary for a country to prosper is the need for its citizens to be educated.

Recent governments, at all levels, have been continually cutting and eliminating educational programs at the detriment of its citizens.

At one time in Ontario, high school ended at grade 13. Budget cuts and irresponsible governments decided our students should lose this added education in favor of short term cost savings. Further cuts have been made to government education subsidy programs and to the maintenance budgets for schools to sustain and repair their facilities.

The United Reform party believes that every Canadian citizen is entitled to the best education possible for absolutely the least cost. It also believes that students should not graduate with massive debt and that no student should be refused an education based on their ability to pay for their schooling.

The United Reform Party Canada is committed to creating a national education a program that will ensure every Canadian citizen has access to the best public education available no matter which province they may reside. It will ensure that school supplies are included with this free education and that every student is looked after in a fair and equitable manner.

The United Reform Party Canada believes our education system is essential to the wellbeing of its citizens and as such shall declare that education is an essential service and shall be treated as such.

The United Reform Party Canada will also see to it that programs are in place that will assist students in programs that include post educational degrees, trade schools and other specialized training programs.